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Tyent Hybrid Water Ioniser


Your Choice of Alkaline Water, Hydrogen Water, or Both! Beyond the limits of alkaline water, the Twin Cell Hybrid produces hydrogen water as well. Now you can have maximum levels of Molecular Hydrogen at ANY alkaline pH level! Plus, you can choose neutral water, acidic water, or turbo water. Select and use the function that works best for you!

Auto Fill Technology allows you to fill up your favourite container (from 0.2L to 5L) with ease because it will automatically stop the outflow of water when your container reaches capacity, ensuring a carefree (and flood-free) experience. Tyent’s convenient multi-function jog dial is designed to control the Auto-Fill Quantity Selector as well as navigate the user interface with ultimate simplicity. Plus, there is an H2 Water button as part of the jog dial as well.